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US-4011 Digital Indicator NTEP


US-4011 Digital Indicator NTEP

Original price was: $699.00.Current price is: $599.00.

USA Measurements US-4011 LCD indicator features a large easy to read digital display. Our easy to use indicator can be used in a variety of weighing applications. Such as livestock, recycling, ltl freight, fishing applications, and distilleries. The indicator is commonly used with our bench scales, floor scales, shipping scales, livestock scales, and pallet jack scales. The indicator operates off battery or the included AC adapter.


The US-4011 indicator powers up to (4) 350 ohm load cells, has a built in bright LCD display, and operates on AA batteries. The indicator features functions for: check weighing, counting parts, and tare function. Our US-4011 is user friendly and can be calibrated by any owner.

US-4011 Indicator Features: