There can be numerous challenges when it comes to weighing farm animals. They may move out a lot or even get nervous. When they become agitated or anxious, it can be extremely difficult to weigh them accurately by using a standard weighing scale. This is when you need to employ top-notch, specialized livestock scales. These products come in handy to weigh animals with the highest level of accuracy and precision. You will be able to overcome the most commonly seen challenges with the same.

Many individuals think of cattle scales when they think of livestock scales. Both of these can be easily confused for one another, and we cannot deny that. The truth is that depending on the features and designs, these scales can be used for different types of livestock farming. Pigs, horses, and even goats can be accurately measured with such scales.

The tech being used for livestock scales is equipping these devices to be much more than just a simple weighing equipment. Using these devices, you can save time with data entry options along with benefiting from a host of other features.

Know Your Needs

When you are choosing the right livestock scale, you need to identify your exact needs and then determine if the chosen scale can offer you the same. The purchase decision for a scale would depend on your management goals, usage, livestock, location, and the type of farming setup. Once you cross-verify all of that, you should be able to determine which scale would fit best in your business.

Permanent and Portable Scale

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a permanent or a portable livestock scale. The former is sturdy and highly reliable. Here, the load bars are encased in concrete for safety purposes. When using permanent scales, you need to move the livestock near the setup to get the measurement. Portable scales, on the other hand, are ideal for weighing livestock at multiple locations. These scales empower you with the facility to move them to different locations, along with increasing overall efficiency and productivity of the setup. For those of you who are implementing electronic scales, that would require AC power to work. Using such equipment, you need to make sure they are strategically placed with access to a dry and safe power outlet. The wire length should be kept at a minimum for safety reasons.


Balance plays a key role when you are using a livestock or cattle scale platform. The surface that will be used must be fully stable while weighing the livestock. Should you fail to do so, this is sure to cause weighing inaccuracies. That said, it is not necessary to level and totally flat the surface, but it should remain firm enough to hold and balance the livestock.

Check for Interference

You need to check for interference when using livestock scales as that can show false readings on the scale. Should there be any kind of coiled cables, make sure to keep them out of reach. This is to prevent accidental tangling, thereby causing discrepancies in the result.

About USA Measurements

USA Measurements offers three primary types of cattle scales that can be used for weighing bulls, cows, oxen, calves, along with other farm animals. The cattle scales come equipped with ramped ends and low profiles. This makes it easier to get the animals on and off the platform. For more information on cattle scales platform for sale, visit the link

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