Animal Scales

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Animal Scales

US Measurements offers three main types of animal scales to meet different animal weighing needs.The options available include platform scales (with or without cage), weigh bar scales, and livestock scales with cage.

Platform Scales

The livestock platform scales come in four available capacities, 500 lb 1,000 lb, 2,000 lb, or 3,000 lb. The 1,000-lb option can come with or without a cage.

Description & Features

USA Measurements livestock scales can be used for weighing sheep, pigs, goats, and many other animals. The 3,000-lb option is ideal for weighing larger animals such as cows, horses, bulls, and calfs. Both options have a low profile with only 3” in height so it’s easy to get animals on and off the scales. The optional cage helps keep animals on the platform during the weighing.
Main features include:

  • Steel deck with 4-ball swivel feet for impact protection
  • Diamond steel platform, dimensions 55″ x 20″
  • 200% overload protection
  • High accuracy (0.5 lb), zero, net, hold, tare
  • Unit settings: pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg)
  • US-5011 LCD indicator (up to four 350 ohm cells)
  • Handles for portability
  • Ramped ends
  • Battery-powered (4xAA batteries included)
  • USB and RS-232 Output
  • Operating Temp: -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)

Weigh Bar Scales

These scales can weigh up to 10,000 lb and are available in three different sizes of 24”, 40”, or 48” to fit under any cattle chute. They can also be attached to a platform, weight pallets, or portable applications.

Description & Features

Weigh bar scales are essential for farmers and livestock owners so they can check the health of animals, provide the right dose of medicine and feed, and weigh the animals for selling. The USA Measurements US-ESB scales squeeze under the chute and when the platform is mounted, the weight of the chute can be subtracted to provide an accurate animal weight reading.
Main features include:

  • Carbon steel frame 4” wide, 3.5” high
  • Accurate down to 1 lb
  • Check weigh Function (Hi/Ok/Lo)
  • Net, Total, Hold, Zero, & Peak
  • Easy-to-read US-4011 LCD Indicator
  • Up to four 350 ohm cells, powered by four AA batteries or AC/DC adapter
  • User-friendly and easy to calibrate (5-button operation)
  • Unit settings: lb, oz, kg, lb:oz, grams, % weight
  • USB & RS-232 ports
  • Functions: accumulating, counting, animal weighing
  • Operating temperature range -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)

Livestock Scales With Cage

Cage scales for livestock come in 500 lb, 1,000 lb, 2,000 lb, and 3,000 lb capacities and are designed for various animals, including pigs, goats, sheep, bulls, horses, and other cattle.

Description & Features

The scales with cage available at USA Measurements are designed with portability and usability in mind. They are completely wash down safe, unlike the majority of other livestock scales. The materials used are sturdy, durable, and feature impact protection for daily use.
Key features:

  • Diamond-plated steel deck
  • Highly accurate weighing
  • Large platform (52” x 20”), low profile with adjustable feet
  • Industrial caged system
  • Outdoor rated and wash down safe
  • US-731S stainless steel indicator and junction box
  • 110 V AC power adapter and 4V lithium rechargeable battery
  • Green LED display 9.5″x4.9″x2.5″, digit size 1”
  • Unit settings: pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg)
  • Animal scale function, check weigh (Hi/Lo/Ok)
  • RS-232 Output