Axle Truck Scales

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Axle Truck Scales

Axle Truck Scales offered by USA Measurements feature US-AX AxeWay truck scales and US-WIM SpeedWeigh in-motion truck scales.

US-AC AxeWay Truck Scales

These truck scales come in three available sizes, 7′ long, 10′ long or 12′ long. Depending on the model, total capacities are 30,000 lb, 40,000 lb, or 60,000 lb. The weighing is performed in 10 lb increments. AxeWay truck scales come in a setup with 50’ of cables, 4 ramps, rechargeable battery, power adapter, and the US-M7 smart weighing indicator. The indicator comes factory-calibrated and has a built-in printer.

Description & Features

AxeWay Truck Scales ensure underloading to help you avoid overweight fines and DOT fines. They can be used to weigh anything from cars to trucks, pick-ups, tractor trailers, roll offs, dumpster trucks, and other vehicles. The weighing is seamless due to the large weighing surface and a low profile of 5.75”. Due to the low profile, a smooth drive on and off is guaranteed.

The setup is portable and ideal for outdoor use and features a dual weigh bridge and four ramps, so the LCD indicator can quickly accumulate the total weight. As soon as each axle is driven on the scale, a receipt can be printed out, providing for a seamless experience.

The system is powered either via a 110V power cable or the included rechargeable battery with an 80-hour battery life. Warranty is available for 2 years on electronics and 5 years on the steel deck.
Other features include:

  • Heavy-duty I-Beam construction
  • Threaded top plate
  • Waterproof alloy steel nickel plated load cells
  • Overload protection
  • 50’ connecting steel braided cables
  • Threaded platform for improved tire grip and coated yellow paint finish
  • Indicator with splash proof LCD display, pound (lb) and kilogram (kg) weighing options
  • Built-in needle printer with manual and automatic print modes
  • Tare, Zero, Print, Save, Check, and Delete functions
  • Connectivity with up to 4 weighing pads, gross and accumulative modes

US-WIM “Speed Weigh” In Motion Truck Scale

These heavy duty axle truck scales are ideal for high traffic use as they quickly provide accurate weighing on each axle, as well as gross weight. Upon driving across the scale, the US-M6 weighing indicator can instantly assign truck ID numbers, print out the receipt, and store the information for each vehicle.

USA Measurements offer the scales in three options with different capacities, including 40,000 lb, 60,000 lb, and 80,000 lb. Pad size is 31″ x 13″ and features a low profile height of 0.8″. This hands-free scaling option comes with ramps and the US-M6 indicator paired with a carrying case for portability.

Description & Features

The US-WIM SpeedWeigh in-motion Truck Scales have premium portability, are easy to operate, and extremely accurate. This means reduced manpower requirements and money savings. These scales are most used by logistics companies, for shipping and mining applications, and can help avoid DOT fines.
Main features include:

  • 2 pads, dimensions 31.5″” x 13.78 x 0.87″
  • Ramp dimensions 31.5″ x 59″
  • Aluminum alloy steel
  • Carrying handles for portability
  • Overload protection, cable protection, anti-electromagnetic interference
  • Static and in-motion weighing modes
  • US-M6 indicator with Receipt Printer, High Definition Touch Screen, and Windows CE 6.0 System

The indicator can be used in environments at 0°C–40°C, and the results can be exported asExcel files, text files, or database files.