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US-AX730-30K Axle Scale 30,000 lb (Wireless US-6011SS Indicator)


US-AX730-30K Axle Scale 30,000 lb (Wireless US-6011SS Indicator)

Original price was: $7,799.00.Current price is: $5,799.00.

USA Measurements introduces our US-AX730-30K “WIRELESS GREEN DRAGON” truck scale. Available in 7′ long by 30″ wide, and a 5.75″ low profile height. It comes in our 30,000 lb capacity and weighs in 10 lb increments. Our set-up includes (2) wireless transmitters, 4 ramps, US-6011SS smart weighing indicator, and factory calibration. The scale requires 110V power or can be used with our rechargeable battery up 100 hour life. IN STOCK READY TO SHIP TODAY!


USA Measurements “WIRELESS GREEN DRAGON” US-AX730-30K series truck scale. System includes dual weigh bridge (2 pads), digital LCD display, (4) ramps, and (2) wireless transmitters. This system can be used to weigh cars, trucks, pick-ups, roll offs, dumpster trucks, tractor trailers, and many other types of vehicles. The user will drive each axle on the scale and the US-6011SS stainless steel indicator can offer an accumulated weights. Great for portable applications, outdoor use, placed in permanent yards, and many other uses. The US-AX730-30K series is perfect to avoid DOT fines.

Axle Scale Features:  

  • Avoid overweight fines, DOT fines, and ensure underloading
  • Available in 7′ long, 30″ wide, and 5.75″ height platform
  • Capacity: 30,000 lb x 10 lb
  • Large weighing surface and low profile for vehicle weighing
  • Heavy duty I-Beam construction with threaded top plate
  • Four premium water tight alloy steel nickel plated load cells
  • Low profile 5.75” height for smooth drive on/off
  • Load cell capacity is 2.2 times the scale capacity for overload protection
  • Can be used with ramps for above ground installations
  • Can be used for flush installation for permanent application
  • Durable platform with treading for tire grip
  • Powder coated green paint finish
  • Accuracy: 2-5% of given weight
  • Forklift portable
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Overload Protection
  • 5 Year Warranty on Steel Deck
  • 2 Year Warranty on Electronics
  • Non-NTEP (Not legal for trade)


US-6011SS Indicator Features:

  • US-6011SS indicator with LCD display
  • 1″ Tall backlit display
  • Includes Rechargeable battery (up to 100 hrs)
  • Metal casing
  • AC adapter included
  • Multiple weighing units: (lb/kg/g/oz/lb:oz)
  • Gross/Tare/Pre-Set Tare/Zero
  • Multiple Hold functions
  • Count weighing
  • Accumulation weighing
  • Overload / Underload alarm
  • Splash proof  keyboard and display
  • Connects to a remote display and printer
  • Displays up to 50,000 graduations
  • Dual RS-232 Serial Port (Printer, Software, Scoreboard ect)
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


What is include: 

  • (2) 7′ x 30″ Twin Weigh Bridge
  • (4) 25″ x 30″ Ramps with Mounting
  • (8) 20,000 lb NTEP Load Cells
  • (8) Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • (2) Wireless Transmitters
  • (1) US-6011SS Steel Steel Indicator
  • (2) 110V Power Adapter
  • (1) User Manual


Common Applications: 

  • Military Use
  • Recycling (Non-NTEP applications)
  • Trucking Companies
  • Remote Job Sites
  • Logging & Lumber Business
  • Temporary Job Site / Clean Ups
  • Weighing Forklifts / Bobcat / Skid Steer




WHY CHOOSE USA MEASUREMENTS? We offer a quality built product at a reasonable price. We specialize in scales and nothing else. We offer sales, service, and calibration in the largest cities throughout the United States. We stand behind our products with a 5 year warranty, 30 day return policy, and have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions. We manufacture American made products, build custom scales, and offer only the best quality. Call us now: 800-711-2237