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AirWeigh Airplane Scales

AirWeigh Airplane scales can be used to weigh different airplane types, including airplanes, aircrafts, and jets. This aircraft weighing solution can reduces cost, increase safety, and profitability. Offered by USA Measurements, US-AW2416 platform scales are easy to set up and use. The size of the platform is 24″x16″ and it has built-in ramped ends. The height of the platform is only 2” so getting an airplane on and off the scale is seamless and simple. The scales come in capacities ranging from 10,000 lb to 90,000 lb.

The scales feature a set of 3 pads paired with a digital indicator that reads both total gross weight and individual weights. The portable pads weigh 40 lb each and feature strengthened airplane aluminum steel. Calibration is straightforward and phone support is available. The warranty support lasts 2 years for the electronics and 5 years for the frame. In addition, parts are easy to replace.

The digital indicator has a display that is powered either via the built-in rechargeable battery or through the AC power adapter. It also comes with three stainless steel braided cables. The digital display can be connected to a PC using a 232 port and receipt printer is included. This makes it easy to quickly print the results, including weight, date, and time for traceability.


As mentioned, the material used for AirWeigh scales is strengthened aircraft aluminum so they are durable and lightweight. They also feature a 200% overload protection to minimize the chances of overloading the platforms if the initial weigh estimates are a bit off. The OP-903 indicator also has a pelican protective case that is durable, light, and waterproof.

The rechargeable battery can hold up to 100 hours and can also be powered via an AC power adapter. The three stainless steel braided cables are 33 feet long.


The AirWeigh airplane scales feature nine different models with capacities of 10,000-90,000 lb. They are extremely accurate and feature a 5-20 lb accuracy, depending on model capacity. The portable, heavy duty construction dimensions are 24″ x 16″ x 2″, meaning they feature a low profile for easy loading and unloading. Each pad features six load cells with skid resistant ramps.

The scales are easy to use, carry, and move as they come with two handles and two wheels, and can be operated single-handedly. The indicator is also portable and has a water-resistant suitcase for protection. Results are easily printable as the scales can be connected with a PC and printer. Weight of each pad is accumulated into gross weight and time and date are included.


The US-AWD OP-903 indicator features an LCD display with 1” tall backlit display, AC adapter, and rechargeable battery. The weighing units can be set to pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), grams (g), ounces (oz), or lb:oz. The indicator comes in a protective, portable briefcase, and keyboard and display are splash proof.
The indicator can be connected to a remote display, and can be used for accumulation or count weighing with multiple hold functions.